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How to reduce flabby arms quickly.

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Old or young i am sure you want to get rid of flabby arms ! Well below we include important dieting tips to slim your arms and the best exercises to combat bat wings. If your looking for home remedies for saggy arms many of the exercises and dieting tips will help you. At the bottom of the page there are free workout plans that you can print. Remember our ideal weight calculator can be found here its a great tool which is the only diet calculator that gives your average ideal weight using 4 scientific formulas ! 

Well its simple really as we age our metabolism slows down and we often get into bad habits like eating processed foods, smoking and drinking alcohol which can all have a accumulative effect . A lack of exercise can also help fat creep around the body but don’t be alarmed help is at hand and this guide will set you on a path to new slimmer you 🙂 Below our visual guide will outline what exercises are best to get slim arms, what food to avoid, and which eating habits will help tone your arms.

Do a sport or activity that interests you.

It can be incredibly boring just to do exercises focused on arms so to start with we have 2 suggestions badminton and power walking. Power walking could include a vigorous morning walk in the park or even to work. Exaggerate the movement of your arms and hold small dumbbells or Velcro weights around your wrists.

badminton for flabby arms for seniors

power walking to loose arm fat for old people

Power walking to loose arm fat.


Bench Dips.



no best exercise 3 flabby arms

Tricep kickbacks.

tricep kickbacks a good exercise for chicken wings


rating 4 to loose arm weight

Tricep extensions.

Tricep extensions RATED NO 4 TO LOOSE ARM FAT


number 5 in our list
Press ups.

We rate press ups no 5 to remove arm fat


Drink a glass of water before each meal.

Drinking water helps you feel more full, boosts your metabolism and helps reduce water retention in the body.

drinking water helps reduce chicken wing arms


Consume more Fiber.

Fiber can help reduce arm fat by reducing food cravings and making you feel fuller for longer. See our illustrated guide of the best fiber foods.

50 fibre rich foods


8th best way to slim your arms


Capsicums help boost your metabolism taking one a day can have a significant effect on your weight after a few weeks and help tone your arms.
capsicums help reduce arm fat our number 8


rated at number 9 to get rid of arm flab


A super supplement to reduce arm fat although they are high in calories they are not to be confused with calories from junk food. Avocados increase you metabolism and switch of the hormones that store fat !

avocado help reduce weight in your upper arms


top 10 arm fat busting

Green tea.

A great drink to increase your metabolism and burn fats in your belly and arms. Drink 2 to 3 cups per day.

green tea to help with bat wings

Avoid these things when dieting to loose arm fat !

Processed foods which are high in saturated fats and refined sugar !

processed foods that put weight on your upper arms


Alcohol is high in calories and drinking too much alcohol will contribute to a buildup of arm fat. Alcohol damages your kidney and and liver function which increases your water retention.

alcohol makes your arms fat !



Reducing salt intake can also reduce water retention in your body which can make you look slimmer. The journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypertension found that reducing dietary sodium prevents the body from storing excess fluid.

salt increases water retention


Bonus work outs to Tone your arms !

These exercises may not all be the same as we featured but they give you a quick visual guide which you can print. If you prefer videos we have also included several popular video guides.

arm circles are great to trim arm weight
works outs for toning arms 1
great work out for upper arm flabby arms
bust arm fat in 7 days workout
get rid of arm fat quickly

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