Mr. Humanity’s Team Beat Up by Hired Professional Wrestlers

We’ve all seen old videos of men in poor condition and people in super bad condition with an old car looking for trouble. But this time, Mr. Humanity comes with a new concept. If you like to watch beat up gifs or old beat classic games with a horrible final fight, this video is just right for you.

We always see Mr. Humanity helping a little army of kids, a group of men and women. However, he brought something new to the table for his viewers this time. If you like the comprehensive collection of his videos, you will like this one too. He called in professional wrestlers who would come and hit his team. Imagine bad guys like Aaron Jansen, captain commando, and other king of dragons all in one ring. Now, imagine them fighting the warriors of fate, Mr. Humanity’s team.

The Rules to the Beat Up Challenge

Each team member had to last three minutes in the ring with a professional wrestler. Some knew pilates, some were pretty skinny, but in the end, everyone went out like a champ! Hunter came in wearing a helmet, and according to him, the three minutes felt like fifteen.

Then came in Shannon, who was more worried about her acrylics than he was about getting her bones broken! You go, girl! Shannon put up a great fight. Next up was Marcus, who was concerned for his bones but won amazingly! And then Jess and Noah battled like champions.

It felt like the matches had the highest difficulty settings with various multiplayer options. Some of MR. Humanity’s team members came in with a hold of spears but ended up on the ground with their last legs shivering. It seems like they have great online capabilities, as seen in last week videos. So, if it’s about giving money to random people or other related words, they’re great., Wrestling? Not so much!

All Ended in Laughter and Smashes

Don’t worry, though; no one needed medical treatment even though there were some unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately, some from his team fought and turned out to be the knights of the round. The game was all fun, and there was no need for law enforcement, a public defender, or even any holder’s defense.

The language news was perfect for both adults and kids, and some people looked like bad repair once they were knocked down. They are not the property of their respective owners, aka Mr. Humanity, so obviously, everyone consented. We like to imagine that they all got Japanese versions of each title of winners in their heads. It was a battle circuit, and you should look at the detailed galleries of the fights.

Mr. Humanity’s Team Battling Like Champs

Several participants questioned the possibility of life and hated their enterprising friend jokingly after the challenge.

The wrestler had the people on the ground like a rolling stone pulled by a station wagon. The state of disrepair was absolutely hilarious. The team had definitely seen better days and were ready to run a free mile. If you like this video, go to Mr. Humanity’s channel, head to advanced search, and find more of this treasured content!

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