Follow Us On Social Media: Not Following Mr. Humanity???

The following questions are for you: Did you come here after scrolling through your Facebook news feed? Or did you just upload a new story on your Instagram/Snapchat? Being on your phone means constantly switching between social media apps to connect, get updates, and whatnot. But if you don’t follow us on social media, we bet you are missing out on a lot.

This might sound like an exaggeration, so we rounded up some of the top reasons why you need to follow us on social media at Mr. Humanity and join our email list today!

Why Should You Follow Us On Social Media?


§  There Is A Lot To Gain Inspiration From

The idea behind Mr. Humanity, as the name suggests, is a unique way to serve humanity by bringing people together to provide support. With tons of negativity on social media, we are sure our pages will brighten up your day once you subscribe.

Moreover, what better can be than that you will be inspired to help others on your own after seeing our work? There is always something you can learn and get inspiration from on our social media platforms.

§  Always Stay Updated With What We Are Up To

Once you join our email list, you will be on our list of favorite followers! This means you will be the first to get all the latest information or know the important thing we work on.

While social media emails are one easy way, following us on Facebook, Instagram, and our other connected social media apps offer free licenses to catch up on all the updates. Why, you may ask? It is because very few of us check our own emails daily and prefer checking our social media accounts instead.

§  We Would Love To Connect With You

Above all, you might think that we want you to follow us on social media just to gain a bunch of followers. However, team Mr. Humanity loves to connect with people all across the world by providing them with support, whether it is financial or emotional.

By connecting with us, you know that you will always have a team by your side for a fellow feeling. Moreover, you can always ping us on any of our social media platforms to share whatever you want.

§  Teamwork Makes Dream Work

If it hadn’t been for our team, Mr. Humanity wouldn’t be out here supporting people in need. We believe there is always room for improvement. Therefore, we always look forward to feedback and suggestions from our followers to know the areas we can work on.

So, once you follow us on social media, you can not only get the latest updates on what we posted but also, we would love for you to leave a comment on what you think about it. Mr. Humanity is about working for the people, and it is certainly not possible without hearing what people themselves have to say about it.

§  Be A Part Of Our Journey

You might have seen many of our videos surfacing on social media. But what you see in videos and posts is the final product. We want people to get more than that. With the digital era being all about social media pages, it is easy for people to adopt a façade on their social accounts.

Therefore, to combat this issue, our goal is to be transparent and share everything with our followers. So signing up to our email list and following us means that you will get to see behind the scenes of all the hustle that we are doing.

From capturing pictures for Instagram to live sessions on Facebook, we love to share everything because we want you to join and be a part of Team Mr. Humanity. Our team is always working tirelessly on ideas, and to give you an insight into all the action, we want you to join it.

§  Be The First One To Know About Our Campaigns

If you think you might need help at some point financially or have someone in mind that needs financial support, then we will be glad to help! After all, that is the whole point of bringing forward this platform; to help and support both financially and emotionally.

Once you follow us on social media, you will get notifications on Facebook, Instagram, etc., about what we plan to do next. You can then see if you want to be a part of it!

§  Mr. Humanity Is About Humans, After All!

Gone are the days when social media presence was all about being formal and digital marketing. We are not just tied to our job roles but are always eager to converse with people who follow us on social media (Team Mr. Humanity, precisely).

No, none of our social media platforms is run by advertising companies or robots only interested in promotions and campaigns. Team Mr. Humanity has real people on board with real personalities, and we love to interact with our people.

§  Contribute To Be A Part Of A Good Cause

Our movement is all about giving and helping those who are in desperate need of it. From teachers to veterans and single parents, we give away donations to anyone who needs it. The main aim is to encourage people to be a part of this cause or even do it independently if they can. By connecting with us through social media, you can easily contribute to a good cause for better results.

We utilize new ways to achieve the targets. From excellent social media email invite examples and social media follow template with anchor text links to graphic design, modern design, email invite, and public workshop, we have it all covered.

Where To Follow Us On Social Media?

If you have reached till here, then you must be convinced to connect with us through social media. Campaigns, promotions, giveaways, updates, and emotional videos; buckle up as we have a lot to share with you!

Ready To Get On Board And Follow Us On Social Media?

We love to see our team grow, so here are our social media accounts you can follow today to be a part of Team Mr. Humanity:

§  YouTube

YouTube is probably our favorite social media outlet to share all that we have been working on with our followers. Whether it is surprising people with cash prizes or doing challenges with our team, there is always a fun video for you to watch. So, make sure you subscribe and click on the bell icon so you never have to miss out on any of the fun!

§  Twitter

Do you know that Twitter is the powerful tool where it all started? In 2019, our Humanity giveaway took over Twitter, and there were timelines flooding with the hashtag #TeamHumanity. This single hashtag connected people from all across the globe, and we would love for you to be a part of it too. Also, look out for all the “personal level” tweets from Anthony (the owner)!

§  Facebook

This is our go-to platform to provide you with all the latest news and blog posts. In addition, it is also a great way for you to catch up with us as you scroll through your feed. Facebook is our major social media marketing source where you can find all the useful information about Mr. Humanity and find new products in our Shop. Moreover, if you like our content, don’t forget to click on the share button!

§  Discord

We love when our target audience and team Mr. Humanity connect, and this is exactly where our discord server helps us. You can meet like-minded people, learn important things or get helpful tips on any matter right here on this social profile.

§  Snapchat

Although we don’t have an Instagram profile, just like our followers, we also like to try a filter or two on Snapchat. Our team is always posting fun snaps and behind-the-scenes stories, and we are sure our new followers will enjoy viewing our social media images and stock photos!

§  TikTok

When we have a social media profile everywhere, then why not TikTok? After all, it is the latest social network for business owners, promotions, and even small businesses looking to boost their business. But don’t worry, as we don’t only have business top of mind. Like our followers, we love to lip-sync to TikToks and try new challenges there!

§  Tumblr

Tumblr is among the various social networks termed “old but gold”. Follow us here if you are not all in favor of the overwhelming social media sites but still want to follow and connect with Mr. Humanity.

§  LinkedIn

To create brand awareness and reach out to people “formally”, we have a LinkedIn account too! Be a part of our community and connections by following us on our LinkedIn profile.

§  Newsletter

Bringing new social sites in topics doesn’t mean we will forget about email marketing. But don’t worry, as we will not be spamming your inbox with promotional emails. If you wish to know about our latest campaigns, you can sign up through the action button on the website.

How To Follow And Connect With Us?

It’s easy as it can be! All you need to do is search for Mr. Humanity on social media sites where you wish to follow us. Or, you can simply visit our website and find the social media buttons as you scroll down below. Click on any of the social icons, and voila! You will be redirected to the respective social media invite where you can follow and connect with us!

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