Girl Crying: Tears Of Joy As She Wins $2K Giveaway Prize

Life is tough for any young woman; add in the struggle of working while studying, and you’ve got yourself a stressed and sad teen. From little disappointments to financial and mental problems, the list is endless on the copy space. According to stats, 60% of undergrad students owe $16,940 in student loans. In such times, it is understandable for any human, especially a young girl, to turn into an upset woman because of her circumstances. We’ve recently witnessed a girl crying tears of joy because of how someone lent her a helping hand.

To boost the mental health concept and to give his viewers, especially those running small businesses, an edge, Mr. Humanity decided to amp up the giveaways and hand out a special prize to one lucky winner.

Humanity Giveaway That Leads To A Girl Crying

In the most recent Mr. Humanity giveaways, we witness something that melts our hearts. The sad expression reactions of the sad girl in the video are pretty sad. Maybe as emotion-provoking as any of Roy Lichtenstein pop art work or other sad famous painting.

So, before the blonde hair girl crying is brought into the frame, we see Mr. Humanity himself explaining. Don’t worry; there are no stock photos with a basic blue background like your average giveaway. This is the real deal!

Mr. Humanity starts off sitting with a white background by giving us a bit of a glimpse. We are told how and why we saw a girl crying while she knew she was being filmed. If you think cute cat videos turn you into a sad crying little girl, wait till you see how this girl got her life sorted. Grab a paper napkin because this is going to leave you emotional.

The Details Of The HUGE Giveaway

So, according to Mr. Humanity, he gave social media users a chance to win $2000 for doing nothing! It was simply a giveaway from New York to Las Vegas, Nevada, and all over the US. They would pick a surprising user who would have no clue about it.

The promotion for the video was done on the 4th of June, and tons of people participated. When we say tons, we mean it. As it turns out, from young boys to teenage girl, pickleball girls, angry woman, men, and anyone struggling put in their entries. Mr., Humanity received around 1 billion entries from 4000 participants.

However, of course, Mr. Humanity has a fair platform, and he wasn’t just going to pick someone out of bias. No curly hair, unique tricks, or private DMs could convince him as he makes his decision through an internet tool.

The Interview That Changed The Girl’s Life

In the clip, we see him generating a random name. Soon after, the video skips to an interview between Mr. Humanity’s publicist and a random girl with long hair. She looks like the girl crying we saw at the beginning. What led this cute little girl to end up as the girl crying we see?

Anyway, the conversation begins with his publicist and this depressed woman we see on screen. As she ventures into the interview, we explain why she is not feeling her best. She introduces herself as Elexia Sotomayor, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. The girl presents an emotional portrait of her life.

Sitting in a dark room with a gray background, the girl explains why a bad mood is pretty common for her these days. She is currently studying to be a graphic designer, but that’s not all. The girl has also been working for around ten years. On the side, she has been working as an Amazon delivery person and freelance designer.

From what we gauged through the crying girl interview, she was asked to interview with them so that Mr. Humanity’s publicist could get an honest opinion of what the world thought of him.

The Struggles Faced By The Girl

As the interview unfolds, the girl talks about why she is deeply grateful to Mr. Humanity. As per her words, throughout his time, he has not only been super generous, but he is also very concerned. Elaborating on it, she says that he engages with his audience. His concern for his audience makes him the most beloved person out there. From a little toddler girl to an angry teen boy or a desperate woman, everyone is in love with him.

She was then asked what she would do if she ever ended up winning the big prizes that Mr. Humanity had in his giveaways. She says that if she ever got a big amount, it’d change her life. For her, life has a black background right now as she is struggling.

She further elaborated on how she needs to use her phone for work since she needs GPS for deliveries. However, her gadget was turned off since her phone bill wasn’t paid off. She then had to spend around $200 to get it activated again, which was super difficult for her. She must also pay the rest of her phone bill before it turns off again.

The End Of The Interview But The Beginning Of Something Big

By then, the interview seems like it’s coming to an end, and the publicist says that she will be sending $20 for her time. However, that is not it. Soon, we see another person entering the virtual meeting! It is Mr. Humanity himself!

We see the girl is shocked but soon about to turn into the girl crying. This is because of the surprise Mr. Humanity has for her. He explains to her that she is the lucky person who has won the giveaway for $2000. We then see the girl crying to the point that she can’t even form words.

The girl cries profusely while he explains that her struggles were legit and it’s time she gets a break. Adding in some humor, the girl says she wouldn’t want to ruin her red lips or makeup. She says she is trying to rein in her tears but can’t seem to hold them in.

He asks the girl what she will use the prize money for. She explains that she can now not struggle for some time as she lives a normal life and pays off her debts. With closed eyes, the girl crying mutters thanks to Mr. Humanity and then looks up as if thanking God.


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4 Responses

  1. Life can be a rollercoaster sometimes and you came and saved her. This got me all teary eyes.❤❤ I loved it!!!

  2. Okay, so wonderful and descriptive interview of how it all went down. Great, everything is awesome, and I would absolutely do the same if Mr.Humanity stepped from behind a curtain. Cool. BUT CAN SOMEONE, please go back and edit how the girl is being described? Like this sentence “ The girl child has also been working for around ten years.” The “girl child”, that is just not grammatically correct, and there are like three other grammatical errors that makes it seem as if whoever wrote this, is trying to express this is a “child whom is a girl” and it almost seems offensive.