Teaching Play Skills To Young Children With Autism


Children with autism spectrum disorders have a huge number of dilemmas when it comes to social skills. Interactive play, language skills, and parallel play; any form of play exhibit deficits in the development of young children. For autistic children to succeed in their natural environment, they need early intervention. They need play groups in the home setting to deal with stereotypic behavior. Empirical studies and a majority of studies have shown that pretend play or autism play can help. Mr. Humanity helps them with an important part of their daily routine through sets of toys, explaining the importance of play. He is teaching play skills to young children with autism which is doing wonders. Even future research will support the play skill method.

Mr. Humanity’s Teaching Play Skills to Young Children With Autism

The good news is that the child’s development can be done, and we can see significant improvements – all through the child’s play, communication skills, and direct intervention. He uses the child’s interests to copy play behavior. Mr. Humanity uses types of play like physical activity, teddy bear, nonverbal cues, block tower, and a toy car. With effective instructional strategies, he is dealing with a single subject of gross motor skills.

For this video, Mr. Humanity had a dance challenge in the kid’s section of a play area. Little did they know there was a whole plan to award them with money. He was using this method for teaching play skills to young children with autism.

Helping Families With Autism Get $2500

He helps families with autism by giving them $2,500 in cash. The first is Gina and Joseph, who are given $200 in cash. The family is very excited and can be seen in shock. As they dance away, money is showered on them. In total, the family gets $500 total. The mom explains that she never expected it.

The next family is Meilee and Christopher. The two begin by dancing and jumping into the play area. The team is scored 10/10 by the first two judges and then awarded $200. Then an additional $100 is given to the kid. And then more and more money is showered on them. There is also a lot of fun as whipped cream is smashed into their faces. In total, the family receives $500. She thanks them and tells the team they’re doing an amazing job.

Dierdre And Jaiden Having The Time Of Their Life

The next family was Dierdre and Jaiden. According to her, she was on a lifelong journey with him. They, too, dance and jump to their heart’s content. As we watch, the team is always there to make the process as fun as possible for the parents as well as the kids. And then, like usual, the team says they will give the kids points out of 10 for their effort. What the parents don’t know is that there are some huge surprises coming their way. Dierdre and Jaiden get $300 in cash.

They also give him the chance to smash the whipped cream is someone’s face. The lovely kid chooses to push it into Mr. Humanity’s face! An additional $200 is then given to the kid and his mom! All in all, the family takes $500 total in cash. When interviewed later about how she feels, the mom says she is VERY overwhelmed. We see her shocked reaction, and she looks completely overjoyed. For her, this was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

A Chance Of A Lifetime For Carmela And Dominick Gomez

The next family is Carmela and Dominick Gomez.  Dominick is 16 years old and was diagnosed at 2 years old. For the mom and kid, it was the best experience ever. We see the mom crying while interviewing. For her, the actions by Mr. Humanity completely made her day.

The last family was Jennifer and Ismael. The kid is pretty good at jumping, playing, and even doing some great tricks. He scored 10/10 twice and was then given $200. He then gives the kid the challenge to count $100 and take it all. And last but not least is the pie pie-to-the-face challenge. He says, “Get Pied!” and is awarded a total of $500 for his playing. The mom, of course, says she didn’t expect any of it, so it was all a great experience.

Fun Way Of Raising Awareness For Autism

Using functional use of play and functional play actions, he puts them in different settings. Children in natural settings doing solitary play with their own toy is a good way to build new skills. Also, symbolic play, social play, and social relationships are good for positive social interactions.

He uses further research to help them with eye contact and gives a sense of control. Dealing with inappropriate behavior, Mr. Humanity brings joint attention to work on social communication difficulties. Above all, during this, The focus is on the child’s hand and brain.

In this video, we see him as he improves the functional play skills of a 5-year-old child by giving them the money for resources. Using effect toys and effective play skill interventions, he is going to the next step for autism awareness.

All of this is crucial functional relation, but with his probe design, there are no collateral effects on the group designs. Teaching play skills to young children with autism is now much fun yet effective with these challenges.



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    1. Always wanted to help them, but right now I can’t. Maybe someday if I already can

  1. I think this is great. You have a big heart and it shows. This touched my heart. Thank you for everything you do for these children.

  2. Joseph loving on his mom is absolutely precious! You can see how much love is between them. Melted my heart right away! All the love in these families is so clear. ❤️ They all looked like they had such a great time.

  3. I truly believe without a shadow of doubt in my mind that what you’re doing for these wonderful children is absolutely beautiful. My son is 12 years old and is Autistic. He is one of the sweetest and smartest individuals that I know and truly despises it if he ever has to miss school. I think that Autism Awareness needs a more positive light shed on it and literally needs more awareness. Their are so many different spectrums, diagnoses and stages of Autism, that I myself still don’t know everything about. However, I’m researching and learning more as each day passes. Every child is a beautiful gift and Blessing from GOD and you sir are a true testament of what an amazing and kind hearted human being should truly be and stand for. GOD BLESS ❤️❤️❤️

  4. That’s awesome I know a lot of children with autism. It’s amazing to watch them grow and blossom into their own unique self in this world. Thank you for your generosity.

  5. This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time. Those babies are our everything. Everyday. All day. It’s hard but worth every second. Thank you for helping and bringing awareness.

  6. I believe its very important for a child to do all above. My daughter just turned 5 . She nonverbal but full of life and loves to learn new things. Thanl you for this wonderful article.

  7. Thank you for sharing this and making more people aware, it filled my heart with joy ❤️ ———popjake01 from Twitter

  8. I’m amazed you do work with kids with Autism. I follow on Twittter and thought you dabble in philanthropy maybe a few foundations or charities but this is beautiful. I have a family member (cousin) with autism & never could connect with him. He’s now in his late 20s. I’m 43 and watching this video and reading this blog will help me better understand how to reach an autistic kid using playfulness & focus of skills to connect better. Lol I’m still shocked as shit you do this😂🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. This brought tears to my eyes. My daughter is on the Autism spectrum and it is a real learning curve for us both. Thank you so much Mr. Humanity, this is real humbleness!!