Fake Famous Prank That Ended Up With People Getting Richer!


For everyday people, young people, and those in need, famous influencers like Mr. Humanity are very crucial. Mr. Humanity is a famous YouTuber who has a bounce in his follower counts on different platforms. The reason why he is loved is not because of his fancy toilet seat or vanity fair clothes. He is loved by his modest online followings because of his free products giveaway. He didn’t just give away free stuff; he gave away cash. His fake famous prank is one that has been loved by the masses.

Mr. Humanity Starting From Scratch

There was no casting call on Broadway for him or no New York times reviews. He isn’t from Beverly hills, nor is he related to Wylie Heiner or Liz Eswein. What sets him apart from other Instagram influencers and influencer culture is that he doesn’t need fake comments, a real estate assistant, or a famous real estate agent. All his Instagram followers are legit, thanks to the idea of an innovative social experiment.

He understands that currencies of fame today are cheap, and he doesn’t care about it. He doesn’t care about fake engagement, a private jet, or l.a. transplants. All he wants is to do as much work as possible for the real people. With his free cash giveaways, he has helped many people, including aspiring actresses and aspiring actors, those working a full-time job, or who have bad mental health. He strives to help people in the retail job and those in need.

Organically Created Channel And Content

The best about Mr. Humanity’s channel is that it’s all organic. There are no bot followers like paul smith fake fans. The whole thing is legit and true. It has been like this even when it’s hard in this digital age and social media fame time to be organic.  All he did was help normal people in his small followings and give them lots of perks in this world of influencers.

He uses the entire concept of influencing and makes this documentary fake famous. With the topic of fake fame, Instagram fame, and HBO’s fake famous, he makes it fun. He gives people the impression of being fake famous as much as fashion designer Chris Bailey.

Mr. Humanity does all the good work through social media accounts like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram users. The whole point was to ditch wannabe influencers at the end of the day and help different people. He uses his influencer status and small social media followings to help people with any important thing.

Helping Everyone From The Young To Old

From high school kids to those that work a day job and even a black fashion designer, he has helped them all. He aims to help his old and young viewers become financially stable. Watch any of his videos, and you’ll agree that it feels like a great documentary; be it kids making student films or adults wanting to go to the Berlin Wall. He helps everyone. He goes to popular tourist attractions and often asks people a simple question. Sometimes he would bump into fun people like actor Dominique druckman. He would ask his special correspondent to make up a famous pink wall.

For this prank, he had fake photo shoots and fake famous premieres, explaining the meaning of fame.

Fake Famous Prank

Mr. Humanity is back again with a bang, but this time he has a hilarious prank for the people. Gone are the days he would try to bait people with challenges. Now, he did something that attracted the people to him.

This one had quite a funny concept, but he managed to get it done. Like all his videos, this one ended with tons of happy people who got free cash. The video short on YouTube started with him saying that he wanted to fool the people in Big Apple by pretending to be fake famous.

He started by getting a team of people who would help him pull off this prank. One of the people he had on board was a paparazzi man. The other person on his team was a security guy. To be honest, the guy looked a lot like security guards, so we don’t blame those who got fooled. Lastly, he had another person who had shades and a mask on. With their disguise, they tried to act off as popular people.

But what’s the catch here? How will he help random people and passersby? The catch here is that every time a passerby falls into his trap, they get money. So, this means that every time a person thinks they are famous, they will give the person some cash!

The Money Filled Prank!

Believe it or not, but because they walked around with pretend security and paparazzi, many people were fooled. Many people ended up believing that he was, in fact, a celebrity. And here’s the funniest part of it. These people came to him and his fellow fake actors and asked for pictures! After taking pictures, the team whipped out the cash, offered it to the people, and explained the prank.

The faces of the people and there were expressions were one to see. Some couldn’t help but laugh out loud that they had been fooled. While others were in a state of shock at the idea of getting $100 or more just for getting pranked! After all, who wouldn’t like it? Looks like the fake famous prank worked out quite well!


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