Couldn’t Help Bawling My Eyes Out: A Mr. Humanity Giveaway Winner

Above all, how convenient would life be if there was no threat to money and finances? How perfect would it be if we could all live without the tension of managing our bills and debts? All of us need some help in a time when drowning in debt has become a common phrase. Unfortunately, there is no tree from which all of us can pluck some money whenever necessary. Sometimes we don’t want to live lives as they show in TV shows. We don’t even want to have a super wealthy lifestyle. Sometimes, we want to get that saddest book we saw in the bookstore. Or perhaps, we’d like to visit Icelandic baula. For all such times, managing cash isn’t easy. Bawling my eyes out? Keep watching.

However, Mr. Humanity is out there helping people. He helps out little girls, older men, and people of all ages. His entire purpose is to create a platform dedicated to helping random people. Get your eyes out gifs ready because you’ll be shocked by all that he has managed to do.

For a long period of time, the man has been going around the streets handing out money to those in need. But at what cost? We all know how cruel the world around us is. So, it’s obvious that the next question coming to your mind would what is he getting out of it? Why is he doing this?

Why Mr. Humanity Does it All?

Well, there is no plain answer here. The man is only doing it to spread smiles. Sometimes there is the act of crying but that too because of happiness. It’s perfect if you like to search for bawling my eyes out videos or any slang term or related words. You’re going to love this one.

Before we proceed into what happened, let’s find out more about Mr. Humanity. The man is a resident of the states and a native speaker. He has a website set up, and he sells merchandise on the website. He also has a donation page where people can send him money. But what does he do will all this money? Well, he gives it to people; what else! He has a youtube channel where he does charity.

So, what he does that he makes up fun challenges where people get to participate. All of these challenges are fun and easy; in the end, everyone wins some money. For instance, this one time, he had a giveaway and gave money. Further, there was another time when he gave money to people just for eating dead bugs. In another video, he raised awareness for autism, but he also gave their families hundreds of dollars. There was also a tarantula video.

Bawling My Eyes Out – The Girl Couldn’t Help Herself

In one of his videos, a girl won $2000! Yep, you heard that right. Let’s find out more about this.

So, as per the news, Mr. Humanity and the team offered social media users the opportunity to earn $2,000. All for doing absolutely nothing. The giveaway was open all over the states. Participants had to follow a couple of rules, and the money would be theirs if they won.

Large numbers of individuals engaged in the video and the content. We’re not just exaggerating it; a lot of people did take part in it. It turns out that people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life send in submissions, from young boys to teenage girls and anybody else battling with finances. Mr. Humanity claimed that about 4,000 people entered the contest, and he got 1 billion total submissions.

We witness him use an online tool and come at a name at random in the video clip. After that, there is a cut to an interview between Mr. Humanity’s PR and some girl. You guessed it right; this is the same whose name came up in the online generator. She was the winner, and Mr. Humanity had yet to announce it. If there were an animal, they’d kick their hind legs in happiness.

The Girl Won $2000!

His publicist and the girl have a short conversation. The girl’s name is Elexia Sotomayor, a Las Vegas, Nevada resident.

As the conversation progresses, the girl elaborates on the many reasons she appreciates Mr. Humanity so much. From what she’s said, he’s always been kind and giving, even throughout his long life. She gives further detail, saying that he interacts with the others in the room. Because of his genuine interest in his listeners, he is more popular than anybody else. Further, it turns out there is a huge number of people who adore him.

The next question directed at her concern was what she would do if she were to win one of Mr. Humanity’s large rewards. Thus, she claims that her life would drastically if she were to win the giveaway.

She explained that she requires GPS on her phone to make deliveries. Thus, she uses it for her job at Amazon. But since she hadn’t paid her phone bill, her technology was disabled. It was challenging for her to shell out an additional $200 to activate it again. She also said that she had to pay her phone bill quickly if she wanted to save her phone from deactivation.

The End of All Worries

She had such example sentences that left us worried. In English definition, it was downright tragic. It is then the interview almost comes to an end. Mr. Humanity joins the call just when we think the call is ending.

He tells her she’s the fortunate winner of a $2,000 prize. The girl starts weeping so hard that she can’t speak. We don’t know how she didn’t let out a loud shout.

The girl bursts into sobs as he explains that her hardships are real and that she deserves this. The girl jokes that she doesn’t want to destroy her red lipstick or cosmetics. She claims she tries to control her emotions, but tears keep coming.

The young lady is questioned about her plans for the cash reward. She claims that she will be able to live a comfortable life and clear her debts without struggling in the future. If you like such videos, you can watch some of his other content or join his team.


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  1. Hey, I Loved This Story. To Know That There Is Someone Out There Really Helping This In Need Is Inspiring. I Am A Single Father Of A Soon To Be 3yr Old Boy. My Greatest Joy. His Birthday Is Aug. 14th and I Just Want To Be Able To Give Him The Day He Deserves. With Rent and Gas And Groceries I’m Backed Up Financially. Lost My Job Due To My Son Getting Real Sick A Month Ago But He Is Better Now. But I Fell Behind On Rent. And To Know That There Is Someone Who Helps People In Similar Situations As Mine, Gives Me Hope. Keep Doing GODs Work and You Will Continue To Be Blessed ! Thank You Mr. Humanity For All That You Have Done and Continue To Do. My Twitter Handle Is @gottabedahenny.