Two Thousand Dollars: I Donated To Help A Single Mother


When we think of kindness, we might not think of an act of charity. We should consider more positive actions in our society and do something for someone who deserves it. In this donation style guide, it is recommended to give a small donation to Mr. Humanity, who helps and supports needy people with easier access, as long as he is willing to accept the donation from him. He has a full team of people helping him. Some years ago, he helped a homeless single mother by giving two thousand dollars. The mother was very happy to have an amounts of money in her hands in American dollars.

When a stranger helps us, people tend to take notice. They are also an opportunity to show our humanity and feel good about ourselves at some point, as Anthony Mattera does by donating two thousand dollars.

Reason for Helping Others

Anthony Mattera is a US-based content writer who also comes into google books and is trying to make a difference in people’s lives. People think it’s fake content; he is donating two thousand dollars for followers, views, and publicity. He wants to help people by using his creative skills, passion, and emotions but not by creating fake content. Anthony Mattera created a dollar box to give away to homeless people.

Two Thousand Dollars to Help a Homeless Single Mother

The idea of donating US dollars to a homeless single mom living in a motel is random, yet it’s something that we all should think of.

Although Mr. Humanity did not know the mother personally, and she never asked for help, they wanted to ensure that everyone knew how much that dollar amount meant to her. She did not ask for any money because of her first-time homelessness and because she is a single mother of a child, while she really needed that two thousand dollars.

So they want to help her raise as much money so they can afford their motel and start a life with their son. She has enough money; you can do many things. They are happy that after raising two thousand dollars, she can live an independent life and make a good new look. Mr. Humanity helps people to achieve their favorite features and fulfill their needs.

You can also give money to Mr. Humanity, who donates your money to needy people. And this process has all the official documents. The current date, this is every big community that helps others.

Purpose of taking photos and videos while donating?

Mr. Humanity helps people in their daily lives with dollars images and videos. They don’t just click just free pictures but also help others. In social media, stock images are important. Dollars stock photos motivate more people to help and join the community to help others. Go to our youtube channel for more information.

Which approach should you take?

We know it’s hard to estimate the amount of money you’ve raised. If you want to donate and don’t want to show your account statement, then Mr. Humanity can do this for you. This is not the subject line; this all is real. You can’t do anything without help.

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9 Responses

  1. God Bless you! Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for others! This is the true mean of “Humanity”

  2. That dollar box you created saved this single homeless mother and childs life. This is awesome!!! ❤❤

  3. Love that u help so much! When I was younger my folks made a very comfortable lifestyle for us, and he gave back often and taught us the same way. For Xmas he wld dress up as Santa buy loads and loads of stuffed animals and we his elves would go to nursing homes, hospice, womans and children’s shelters and give them a gift. Some of the best memories came from those times. He then got really really sick and sold his business. And he got worse before he got better. At that point we were struggling. And then my mom got sick. I was being homeschooled at this point and they opened a small flower shop and pog stand kiosk, so I was Able to work and go to school. And worked both places which means less employees and I loved it. In HS my mom got worse and I was working 20-30hrs a week at a department store so I was Paying the electricity and the cable. And now bc I am disabled I am not even getting half of what I used to make and with 4 girls it’s extremely hard but we make do. Bc I see both sides I better understanding

  4. It’s great to see that you are taking more initiative than some of our politicians. As a teacher sometimes we hear of students that have needs so our community steps up to help anyway they can. Take care and may God bless you with more help to help others.

  5. this one was a good read. sometimes you just don’t need the youtube vid to see how much you care about the people. well done, sir

  6. Oohh were the same homeless . I have 2kids …congrats
    I love this story ❤️?