Mr. Humanity Reaching Out To The People

For the most part, people want to support those who are less fortunate. Volunteering is not something most of us undertake because we stand to gain personally. However, Mr. Humanity does it quite often. Why does he devote his time and energy to reaching out to others? We get to see a whole lot of smiles. Mr. Humanity gets special thanks, and that’s all he needs.

However, volunteering has additional advantages and can be done in new ways. When we give of ourselves, we change in subtle ways. We have a better sense of community in our social circle. People are also less preoccupied with the mundane concerns of everyday life. We learn from others and strive to be more helpful to others.

Volunteering does improve our mood. That much is certain. Did you know that by helping others, you may enhance your own life and even your health? No wonder Mr. Humanity is onto this mission.

Mr. Humanity And His Journey

A long list of positive outcomes may result from giving back to the community and young people. However, there are advantages on several levels, including social, psychological, physiological, and economic. To reach out to someone and touch base is a big thing. Thus, when you volunteer, you help out your neighborhood and expand your circle of friends. When Mr. Humanity helps people in similar situations, relationships are formed with the individuals.

For the past years, Mr. Humanity has been on a journey of giving people access to basic life necessities. The aim of offering people a bag of groceries or food distribution is to see them smile. The aim here is to lead a spiritual life without food insecurity. He helps people all over, including Santa Clara County. From high school children to giving mom’s children’s lunch, he does it all.

For Mr. Humanity, the aim is loving people. He does that by reaching out, and this isn’t his first time. For him reaching out is not just a phrasal verb. He acts upon it and does his best to help those in need. He has been helping people on the cathedral of faith campus, through the church closet, and even in the south bay. The purpose of the foot distribution complex is to make the human condition better for those around him. With his huge audience and high definition of reach, helping people is a priority. No word lists or new words could encompass his greatness.

Helping People Through Fun Challenges

Sure, helping people is nice, but Mr. Humanity adds a fun touch to it. If you have been watching his videos, you would know that he always tries to notch up the excitement. Let us give you some examples of his journey. This one time, he helped a stranger who was coming out of a grocery store. Now, anyone who goes to grocery stores is aware of how expensive everything is. So, in such times, finding a stranger who hands you free money feels like a blessing.

The thing about Mr. Humanity is that his purpose is to help people and make it entertaining for the audience. Although, often, making things entertaining is not easy. What if the receiving party does not like the challenge? What if it gets too difficult for them? Therefore, his aim is always to make the competition as fun and easy as possible.

One of his videos is when he raised awareness for autism. However, for this video, he called in different parents and guardians who were raising kids with autism. He called in such parents and asked them to bring along their kids. When the families reached, they had quite a time with Mr. Humanity and his team.

His team started by giving the kids a challenge of jumping high and dancing as the kids showed off their moves. Mr. Humanity and his team were acting as judges. They rated the kids’ move out of 10. However, Mr. Humanity had a lot more planned. The third judge, instead of giving 10/10 to the kid, would then announce that the kid is getting $500!

Content That Leaves The Audience Wanting More

Now, that was just one example of his content. This one time, Mr. Humanity had something else planned for his audience. For this video, he went to Boston Park and set up stalls there. Whenever any passerby would come near, they would ask the people if the people would like to win some money.

Of course, a lot of people agreed. For this fun challenge video, he had three bugs under covered dishes. He asked the people to eat the bugs, and they would be given money. There were a lot of participants, from little girls to grown men and brave women.

Some people decided to eat one bug and take $100, while there were others that chose to eat a bunch of dead bugs. These are the people that won $300 and even $500! All in all, Mr. Humanity just wanted to make someone else’s day brighter and better.

This wasn’t the only time he had done something for someone else. Apropos, this one time, Mr. Humanity and his team had people participate in a giveaway online. The rules were pretty simple, and a lot of people participated. They got thousands of entries. When it came to announcing the winner, Mr. Humanity and his publicist decided to get the winner on a video call with them.

The winner, of course, didn’t know initially that she had won. But as soon as she was informed that she had indeed won thousands of dollars, the girl couldn’t help but cry tears of joy.

Reaching Out And Help Others

If you happen to like what Mr. Humanity has been doing all along, you can jump on board. He has a join our team video on his channel. In this video, he explains to the world how reaching out to help people in need is easy. The process is simple. Viewers can sign up for his channel and get the membership perks. Some people also choose to donate by buying his merch. All proceeds go to random strangers.

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  1. Mr Humanity is the true meaning of Humanity. I follow him on all of his platforms and I can see firsthand how much he is helping others. He is the real deal and I love that he is so genuine. His Twitter Spaces are always informative and so entertaining. I am looking forward to following his journey to the Top!