A Bug Eating Challenge Involving A Little Girl As A Participant

If you’re on YouTube, chances are you would know that tons of people are out there making challenges up and giving people money for it. However, Mr. Humanity on YouTube takes the challenge up a notch as he comes up with the most fun and adventurous dares for some quick and easy money. If you don’t believe us, would you believe it if we said that a little girl volunteered to eat a bug just for 100 dollars in cash? Yep, that’s exactly what happened.

So Little Girl, What Was The Challenge About?

Before we head into the details of the brave actions of the little girl, let’s first uncover what happened. So, Mr. Humanity, on his mission to offer us top-tier entertainment, went to a park in Boston. While in the park, Mr. Humanity had set up tons of stalls where he had three different dishes.

The surprise here was that under the lid of each dish, there was a huge bug waiting for the participants. Yep, you heard that right. He had a scorpion, a rhino beetle, and a water scorpion. The happiness that these adventures were spreading was giving us immense warmth. From a little girl to those going through queer experiences, everyone had the chance to get happy through these small moments.

The little girl and everyone else whose gender identity is known were going through emotional challenges because of everyday feats. This was Mr. Humanity’s way of spreading happiness and generosity.

People Are Ready To Eat Bugs For Cash

Gone are the outdated norms that people won’t eat bugs for cash. Now similar to fiction films, from a man belonging to a small community of rural France to mother Karine or a local doctor, everyone would be down for the challenge.

First up came a really funky man from the wild side. It might look like his taste buds have come undone after eating the bugs, but he seemed pretty cool. The man started with the first bug and munched on all three. He also left $300 richer!

Next up was a little girl. Eva, and her family was with her; maybe they were coming back from Eva’s school, dance class, or even a film forum. If you think Sébastien Lifshitz’s documentary is entertaining or Paul Guilhaume work is exciting, you should see the confidence of little Eva. Eva’s family was rooting on her as she opted to eat a bug for $100. Eva’s face said it all.

A Little Girl Trying A Dead Bug For $100

Mr. Humanity even said he would give them $100 for trying even if she couldn’t eat it. Eva’s experience looked quite fun. The young girl scrunched her face as Eva’s mother rooted for her. Giving us entertainment similar to director sébastien Lifshitz movies, we see the moving portrait of 7-year-old Eva’s in her early childhood as she wins $100 in front of her whole family. We couldn’t help but clap on Eva’s behalf.

If you think Eva’s life was fun, here is another who should’ve gotten the césar award. We don’t know if he belonged from northeastern France or provincial France, not that he had an identity issue, but he aced it as well. As he munched on two bugs, we saw disturbing reactions of society, but it was quite fun. The man left with $200 in his pocket. Standing at eye level, he gave us entertainment similar to the work of French filmmaker Sébastien Lifshitz like music box films and berlin film festival content.

A Group Of Friends And Their Bug Eating Adventure

And next up, there was a group of friends who wandered through the park. They looked old enough to be someone’s family doctor or maybe even a child psychiatrist or someone who worked in the school principal’s office. When Mr. Humanity explained the concept to them, one of them agreed. This work of creative nonfiction by Mr. Humanity and the construction of the story of bravery was amazing to watch.

We saw passersby giving a quizzical glare at the distinctive style of eating. However, there was a glimmer of hope he would eat them all. We saw intimate closeups and an intimate focus in Mr. Humanity’s experiential film in New York. The friends looked like a close-knit family with acceptance of others. They watched with dramatic attentiveness as their friend ate and won $100.

We don’t think a 3-year-old Eva, seven-year-old Eva, or even a 7-year-old transgender girl would be able to get this done. After all, girls are associated with pink dresses and hair ribbons, and Eva bedroom looks like a sort of visual cocoon. No one would’ve expected her to munch on bugs; we swear on the country’s fault lines, lives of Thérèse, and the Dardenne brothers.

Mr. Humanity’s documentarian of such skill in a handful of interviews in this clear-eyed fun documentary shows human resistance and art history.

And Finally, The Heroine That Won $500 For Eating Bugs

And the last was a duo in the gentle afternoon light. They looked like they lived in their own world. The woman agreed to eat, and it didn’t take her much time. It also didn’t look like her first time. With a private life, emotional resonance, and open bodies. They looked like a small crew in an uninformed community, but the girl easily ate 3 bugs in no time. She never looked like she was on the end of her rope and ate it up like an empathetic therapist. All in all, she won $500, higher than any other participant!

From a little girl coming back from ballet classes to a child’s poignant emotional shifts and more, Mr. Humanity shows it all much like a diagnostic analysis of French society.

In this fun and sensitive documentary type YouTube video, we witnessed the community’s resistance. We also saw the protective shadows of the little girl’s family. With unforced rapport, she ate it up and won. The entire video gave us indelible images even scarier than the biological boy-girl way talks with our parents. But the good news is that everyone who participated in Mr. Humanity’s crazy and insane challenge walked away a few hundred dollars richer than they were before.

Our clear-eyed documentary says it all; check it out here.


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    1. Depending on my situation at the time, I’d probably eat them for the money too lol. But still…..eeeewwww. She’s definitely got moxy.