New 100 Bill Awarded To A Lady Leads To Tears Of Joy


For someone struggling, be it October 8th, Christmas time, or thanksgiving, life seems to be quite a struggle. In the United States of America, the nation’s largest exports or unexpected production delays don’t mean anything. The value of all u.s. currency is of utmost importance to the struggling people. In such times, what we need is generous people like Mr. Humanity helping others out. He helps them out by giving them a new 100 bill which is what most usually need.

Usually, Mr. Humanity heads out with different games with enough bills. This allows people to make some money in a given time. Further, he also offers amazon gift cards. Often, when people are given a new bill with legit serial numbers and a new design by Mr. Humanity, they often can’t believe their eyes. And that’s exactly what happened with this lady.

This time, the aim for a super cold day for him was to go out and hand out a $100 bill to anyone who was homeless or in need of money. This is no United States secret service; just a simple man with a bounty of generosity. Due to the weather, there weren’t many people around who he could help. This is why he decides to wait outside a thrift store. And the lucky person was a woman who was given the money.

Mr. Humanity – The Knight in Shining Armor With A New 100 Bill

Her moment of declaration of independence was when the founding fathers gave her the opportunity to land in the US, where people like Mr. Humanity are always helping a hand. For such people, it feels like there is a blank space in their heads when they suddenly receive good news. Be it in New York, Boston, or Vegas; a dollar note is important everywhere.

For these people, the new 100 bill feels magical. Because of Mr. Humanity, they bless each and every person who has been involved in the making of that bill. From the person who deals with the enhanced intaglio printing process to the paper blend. The people in the treasury department to those who work with UV light, and the board of governors of the federal reserve system.

A New 100 Bill for Those in Need

Mr. Humanity is doing what even the U.S. department of the treasury wasn’t able to pull off. He is now helping people on the streets with the redesigned note.

Ever since he got the exposure, Mr. Humanity is set to helping people in need, those with visual impairments, by giving them the right side of the bill of the American currency. These people often check the back of the bill, front of the note, or sides of the note to make sure that they are not getting fooled by him or the federal reserve board. They also check the right of the portrait and the left of the portrait of ben franklin on the bill.

People are usually drowning in bills and other expenses. Some people are paying expensive insurance, while others have to pay rent. There are some with kids who need food, while there are some with no clothes. In the USA, the struggle is never-ending for people.

For these people, there are lots of costs such as a negative interest rate, credit card bills, or production cost in their small business. Dollar bill image stock photos come up in their mind wrapped in a blue ribbon when Mr. Humanity offers help. They know they will never end up with fake bills because he is legit.

For them getting a free new 100 bill for Mr. Humanity feels like getting an iPhone with new features or even a fancy ultraviolet light blue 3-d security ribbon. Think of it as a magic ribbon whose thread glows, which is better than previous designs. It’s like hearing the liberty bell ring and feeling the distinctive texture of old currency. We all know how amazing it feels to have crisp dollar notes in our hands, and that’s exactly what this woman experienced.

Some Can’t Even Believe Their Eyes

In current times, it is very hard to come to terms with the fact that someone out there is ready to help us. A lot of us are ready to be pranked. But Mr. Humanity is never pranking when it comes to offering help. This is why he’s always super understanding when people are skeptical about the help.

Some even check the note’s authenticity with a number of new security features. This includes the three-dimensional blue strip, embedded thread, images of bells, new image of an ink (image of a copper inkwell),fw indicator (fw=fort worth/independence hall image),and treasury seal. Some check the bill side, look to the back of the note, scratch Benjamin Franklin’s shoulder, stare at the note borders and follow at the letters USA. It looks like a security thread; all these are traditional safe guards to make sure that it is real. The inspection of this paper currency of the federal reserve note in line with the bureau of engraving is sad to watch.

Mr. Humanity To The Rescue Yet Again

Mr. Humanity decided to make life easier in these times by giving someone genuine u.s. currency. He stood outside a thrift store in freezing cold weather, waiting for someone to come along. We see a woman coming out with a trolley. Mr. Humanity gives her the new 100 bill, and we see the color changes on her face. She looks at the faint image of Benjamin Franklin, the portrait watermark of the bill, and tears come to her eyes.

At that moment, it is the only hot item. For her, the new 100 bill is like a magical holographic bell, and the new 100 bill is enough money for a while. It’s the American symbols of freedom as she pays off her debts or loans.

How cool is it that people are Mr. Humanity exist who are living to help others? At the end of the video, he asks people to come forward for sponsorship since he would love a helping hand. He even thanks the people for the donations so he can continue the good work.

Disclaimer: Mr. Humanity has a strict privacy policy in place and has all videos publicly available after their release date. Learn more about Mr. Humanity here.


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9 Responses

  1. So uplifting to see. Everyone is so all about me me me these days they won’t even hold a door open for someone having trouble, much less ease their financial burden a bit. It’s so nice to see humans being human again. Much love.

  2. You are the best Mr. Humanity! Helping people who need it! That woman will never forget your kindness.

  3. Very uplifting and love your empathy! Helping those in need is something I wish I could do – if I was been in need myself. Single mom life is hard but worth every moment. Ty for always helping others. Bless you Me. humanity!

  4. Hi so yeah…. Blogs….I do have a hint though. Rambling about money and the making of or who made them? Not really sure it’s a good idea to put in your blog about helping people. I was getting really excited when you talked about yourself. Not so much with the whole money stuff lol. Just a bit of advice for next blog ☺️

    1. By the way, if you need someone to help you write a blog….. I’d love to help!!!

    2. Also another thing I just thought of! Maybe you should write specific blogs about who the people are and their stories?

  5. What a beautiful show of humanity I love what you guys are doing Bringing positivity right now to this world is needed so much thank you for all that you do

  6. great to see. I try to help when I can, especially having been homeless myself. Some people just need a small act of kindness to brighten their day